Kent Bird Report

KOS LogoThe Kent Bird Report is published every year and describes the status of each species in Kent and a summary of birds recorded during the year of the review.

The report also contains periodic articles about different aspects of bird life and ornithology in the county

All members receive a free copy of the Kent Bird Report

The latest report covering 2018 was published in August 2020. We anticipate the 2019 report being available in July 2021.

Copies of the latest report and some back copies are available from Chris Roome, Rowland House, Station Road, Staplehurst, Kent TN12 0PY. at £12 (plus £3.00 postage and packaging).

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Articles in previous Kent Bird reports include:

2018 – Volume 67 Editor Keith Privett

American Black Tern- a first for Kent. Stephen Message

Help a farmer to help farmland birds. Ray Morris

The Hooded Crow In Lincolnshire and Kent. Andrew Henderson

2017 – Volume 66  Editor Keith Privett

Strom Petrels in Kent waters. Norman Mccanch

Pine Bunting- A new bird for Kent. James Massey and Barry Wright

The Golden Eagle in Kent- Norman McCanch

2016 – Volume 65  Editor Keith Privett

Operation Turtle Dove – Nichole Khan

Quex and the Turtle Dove Project. Anthony Curwen

Black-winged Stilt at Cliffe Pools. Will Tofts

Chinese Pond Heron A new bird for Britain. Ian Roberts

2015 – Volume 64  Editor Keith Privett

Ross’s Gull- A new bird for Kent. David Walker

Arcadian Flycatcher – a new bird for Kent. Martin Casemore

Rookery Counts in East Kent 2004-2015. John Websper

2014- Volume 63  Editor Keith Privett

Breeding waders in North Kent. Alan Johnson

The Kent Breeding Bird Atlas 2008-2013

2013 – Volume 62   Editor Keith Privett

Hawfinch in Kent. Rob Clements

Nightingales in Kent in 2012. Andrew Henderson and Geoff Orton

Firecrest in Kent. Rob Clements

2012 –  Volume 61   Editor Keith Privett

Calandra Lark: a new species for Kent.  Gary Howard and Steve Broyd

Nightingales in Kent in 2012.  Andrew Henderson

Thanet coast Turnstone Monitoring. Ian Hodgson

2011  – Volume 60   Editor Keith Privett

Blackpoll Warbler: a new species for Kent.   Andy Appleton

The Hobby in Kent.  Rob Clements

2010 – Volume 59.Editor: R.N. Mace
White-tailed Plover : a new species for Kent Walker, D
Obituary to Gordon Allison Johnson, A
Obituary to Geoffrey Munns Flegg, J
Obituary to Ray Turley Abrams, C
2009 – Volume 58.Editor: R.N. Mace
Tufted Puffin: a new species for Kent Wright, M E
2008 – Volume 57.Editor: R.N. Mace
The origins of Bar-tailed Godwits occurring in Kent Smith, R and Derrett, K
Green Heron: a new species for Kent Roberts, I A
2007 – Volume 56.Editor: R.N. Mace
The Bird Population at Bough Beech Langton, C
2006 – Volume 55. Editor: R.N. Mace
Obituary to David Davenport Wheeler, C
Storm Petrels in Kent, May 2006 Henderson, A and Walker, D
Zitting Cisticola: a new species for Kent Heading, R
2005 – Volume 54. Editor: T.N. Hodge & R.N. Mace
The Sparrowhawk in Kent: a population estimate Clements, R
The Common Buzzard in Kent: an update Clements, R
The Marsh Harrier in Kent and the 2005 Breeding Survey Oliver, P J
Trumpeter Finch: a new species for Kent Burton, G J A
2004 – Volume 53. Editor: T.N. Hodge & R.N. Mace
The Kestrel in Kent: a new population estimate Clements, R
Southern Grey Shrike : a new species for Kent Mills, J
Nightjars in Kent: 1981-2004 Orchard, M.J.
2003 – Volume 52. Editor: J.A.Braggs
Audouin’s Gull at Dungeness: a new species for Britain Walker, D
Paddyfield Warbler at Dungeness: a new species for Kent Walker, D
“Soft-plumaged” Petrel at Dungeness: a new species for Britain Inskipp, C & T
The Little Egret in Kent: a success story Allison, G
Water Rail survey in Kent: 2003 and 2005 Ellison, M
 2002 – Volume 51. Editor: J.A.Braggs
Dartford Warbler Survey 2002 McCanch, N.
A Century of Dartford Warblers van der Dol, J.H.
Diet of Long-eared Owls on the Isle of Sheppey Oliver, P.
2001 – Volume 50. Editor: J.A.Braggs
Obituary – Dennis Batchelor Websper, J.
Obituary – Len Batchelor Hori, J.
Canvasback in Kent: new to Britain and Ireland Larkin, P. and Mercer, M.
Colour-ringed Mediterranean Gulls at Folkestone 1998-2002 Henson, R.
Rock Pipit Survey in Kent in 2001 Hodgson, I.
Firecrest in Kent in 2001 Henderson, A.C.B.
50 years ago – the first Kent Bird Report Braggs, J.
2000 – Volume 49. Editor: J.A.Braggs
Obituary – Majorie Hayes Flegg, J.J.M.
Obituary – E.C.Still Philp, E.
Obituary – Dennis Harle Batchelor, D.M.
Breeding Bird Survey results in Kent 1994-2000 Hodge, T.N.
Nightingales in Kent in 1999 Henderson, A.C.B.
A Review of the Birds of Prey in Kent Clements, R.
Fifty years of the Birds of Palmarsh Gravel Pit Norman, R.K.
1999 – Volume 48. Editor: J.A.Braggs
Species new to Kent – Blyth’s Reed Warbler Walker, D
Rare Waders in Kent 1960-1999 Bradshaw, C.G.
Tree Pipit holding territory in coastal habitat Orchard, M.J.
The Hobby in Kent : Current Status and Distribution Clements, R. and Rowlands, J.A.
A review of the 1915 Kingsdown Alpine Swift record Chantler, P.J.
1998 – Volume 47. Editor: J.A.Braggs
Obituary – H.A.R. (Harry) Cawkell Scott, R.E.
Great Crested Grebe Survey 1998 Henderson, A.C.B.
The Influx of Ring Ouzels in October Hodgson, I.P.
How many Corn Buntings are breeding on Romney Marsh? Busuttil, S
Population changes at Boughton Park and Wierton Hill Farm Taylor, D.W.
1997 – Volume 46. Editor: T.N.Hodge
Species New to Kent – Little Crake Langton, C.
Species New to Kent – Hume’s Warbler Walker, D.
Birds of Great Chattenden Woods Orchard, M.J.
Corn Buntings on the Hoo Peninsula Orchard, M.J.
Marsh Harriers Breeding on Sheppey Rowlands, J.A.
The Use of Elmley Marshes for Winter Feeding by Wigeon and other dabbling ducks Oliver, P.J.
Golden Plover Survey January 1996 Hodge, T.N.
KOS Rookery Survey 1996/97 Martin, J.M.
1996 – Volume 45. Editor: T.N.Hodge
Species New to Kent – Citrine Wagtail Appleton, D.
Species New to Kent – American Coot Hindle, C.H.
Species New to Kent – Isabelline Wheatear Roberts, I.A.
The Kent Breeding Bird Atlas 1988-1994 Henderson, A.C.B. and Hodge, T.N.
1995 – Volume 44. Editor: T.N.Hodge
Species New to Kent – Blyth’s Pipit Rowlands, J.A.
Swallow x House Martin Hybrid Pritchard, J.
The RSPB in Kent Gilbert, S.A.
1994 – Volume 43. Editor: T.N.Hodge
Obituary – Richard Stone Flegg, J.J.M.
Kent Nightingale Survey 1994 Henderson, A.C.B.
Roof-Nesting Gulls in Kent 1994 – A Review Worsfold, D.C.H.
Ringed Plovers at Sandwich Bay Findley, P.W.J.
High Speed Rail Link Breeding Bird Survey (Part 2) Smith, R.
1993 – Volume 42. Editor: T.N.Hodge
Species New to Kent – Dark-throated Thrush Lawson, M.J.
Corn Buntings in Kent 1992-93 Hindle, C.H. and Taylor, D.W.
East Kent Lowlands Winter Survey Osborne, C.A.
Low Tide Distribution of Birds in the Swale Estuary Rowlands, J.A.
The Swale NNR Breeding Birds 1975-1994 Clarke, S.
The North Kent Marshes E.S.A. Smith, R.
1992 – Volume 41. Editor: T.N.Hodge
Species New to Kent – Cattle Egret Feast, D.
Species New to Kent – Greater Sand Plover Laws, T.P.
Hen Harriers on Sheppey Hadrill, P.
Pallas’s Warblers in Kent van der Dol, J.H.
Memories of the North Kent Marshes Sibson, R.B.
New Bird Reserves in Kent Smith, R.
1991 – Volume 40. Editor: T.N.Hodge
Species New to Kent – Pacific Golden Plover Ellis, K.B.
Species New to Kent – White-throated Needletail Taylor, D.W.
Species New to Kent – Desert Warbler Shilling, J.T.
A Review of Seabirds in Kent 1977-1991 Davenport, D.L.
Survey of Introduced Geese in Kent 1991 Bradshaw, C.G.
High Speed Rail Link Breeding Bird Survey Smith, R.
Wader Numbers in North-east Kent 1991-92 Griffiths, M
The Burham, Eccles and New Hythe Nightingales Woodcock, A.M.
1990 – Volume 39. Editor: T.N.Hodge
Species New to Kent – Parrot Crossbill Morton, R.A.
Species New to Kent – Two-barred Crossbill Hook, K.A.
East Kent Lowlands Winter Survey Osborne, C.A.
Bird Conservation in Kent Buckley, P.
Mediterranean Shearwaters in Kent Hodge, T.N.
The Kent List (as at May 1992) Hodge, T.N.
The 1990 Mute Swan Survey Davenport, D.L.
1989 – Volume 38. Editor: T.N.Hodge
Obituary – Jim Humphreys Flegg, J.J.M.
Marsh Harriers on Sheppey 1976-1990 Hadrill, P.
Medway Estuary Low Tide Counts 1988-89 Parker, A.
Bird Conservation in Kent Smith, R.
1998 – Volume 37. Editors: T.N.Hodge and I.P.Hodgson
Obituary – Peter Grant Scott, R.E.
Obituary – Brian Hawkes Sweeney, O.
Snow Buntings at Sandwich Bay Findley, P.W.J.
The Eighth Census of the Breeding Birds of the Medway and Swale Islands Smith, R.
1987 – Volume 36. Editors: T.N.Hodge and I.P.Hodgson
Seabird Movements in Kent: Autumn 1987 Davenport, D.L.
Medway Estuary Low Tide Counts 1987-88 Sutherland, M.P.
1986 – Volume 35. Editors: T.N.Hodge and I.P.Hodgson
Breeding Birds in a Re-afforested Kentish Wood Moreton, B.D.
Shorebirds in North-East Kent, 1986-87 Henderson, A.C.B.
1985 – Volume 34. Editors: T.N.Hodge and I.P.Hodgson
Nightingales in East Kent in 1985 Henderson, A.C.B.
1984 – Volume 33. Editor: A.C.B.Henderson
No articles
  1983 – Volume 32. Editor: A.C.B.Henderson
Obituary – F.J.Holroyde Watson, A.J.
Obituary – G.B.Rimes Flegg, J.J.M.
The Birds of Langley Park Farm Taylor, D.W.
1982 – Volume 31. Editor: A.C.B.Henderson
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: Females displaying together Bland, R.L.
Breeding Waders of Grasslands in Kent Henderson, A.C.B.
The Seventh Census of the Breeding Birds of the Medway and Swale Islands 1982 Humphreys, J.N.


1981 – Volume 30. Editor: A.C.B.Henderson
The Field Identification of Divers in winter plumage Sutherland, M.P.
Nightjars in Kent, 1981 Henderson, A.C.B.
1980 – Volume 29. Editor: D.W.Taylor
Dark-bellied Brent Geese in Kent 1970-79 van der Dol, J.H.
East Kent Lowlands Winter Population Count February 2 nd -3 rd 1980 Henderson, A.C.B.
A Review of Wader Records at the Sevenoaks Experimental Wildfowl Reserve 1960-1980 Heaton, A.M.
1979 – Volume 28. Editor: D.W.Taylor
A Comparative Study of the Breeding Populations of Cobham and Great Chattenden Woods Martin, J.C. & Orchard, M.J.
East Kent Lowlands Winter Population Count February 3 rd -4 th 1979 Harvey, W.G.
East Kent Lowlands Breeding Birds Survey 1979 Harvey, W.G.
1978 – Volume 27. Editor: D.W.Taylor
Mute Swan Census 1978 Taylor, D.W.
Winter population of Woodcock Humphreys, J.N.
Black Redstart nesting below ground level Neath, B.
East Kent Lowlands Winter Population Count February 4 th -5 th 1978 Harvey, W.G.
East Kent Woodland Breeding Birds Survey 1978 Harvey, W.G.
1977 – Volume 26. Editor: D.W.Taylor
Breeding Birds of some North Kent Woodlands Clarke, M.J., Martin, J.C. & Orchard, M.J.
Little Owl predating on roosting Swift Gilbert, D.C.
The Sixth Census of the Breeding Birds of the Medway and Swale Islands 1977 Harrison, J.G. and Humphreys, J.N.
Obituary – Jeffery Graham Harrison Humphreys, J.N.
Obituary – R.C.Homes Flegg, J.J.M.
Obituary – Rev. Laurens C. Sargent Harle, D.F.
The Kent Nightingale Surveys Harvey, W.G.
A Summer Survey of the Bird Populations of the East Kent Lowlands 1977 Harvey, W.G.
1976 – Volume 25. Editor: D.W.Taylor
Ringed Plover nesting inland in Kent Coles, R.K.
Late dates for Selected Summer Migrants Taylor, D.W.
Further Developments with Overland Brent Goose Migration in Kent in 1976 Harrison, J.G.
Winter Bird Populations of Stoke Ooze Scott, R.E.
Breeding Birds of Cliffe Marsh 1976 Scott, R.E.
Birdwatching in East Kent – a different approach Harvey, W.G.
Kestrel hunting and feeding in an enclosed Loading Bay Gilbert, D.G.
BTO National Rookery Survey 1975 Munns, G.F.A.
Sand Martin Ringing Results from the Sevenoaks Reserve 1961-1977 Crick, H., Harrison, J.G. & Jenkins, M
1975 – Volume 24. Editor: D.W.Taylor
An Historical Spotted Sandpiper in Kent Harrison, J.G.
A New Overland Migration Route of the Brent Goose across Kent Harrison, J.G.
Tufted Duck carrying its young Harrison, J.G
Breeding Birds of Northward Hill 1975 Scott, R.E.
Visible Migration of Passerines at Allhallows Bowley, T.E.
Census of Great Crested Grebes Eds
Jack Snipe calling in winter Taylor, D.W.
Book Review – “The Thames Transformed” by J.G.Harrison & P.J.Grant Hollyer, J.N.
1974 – Volume 23. Editor: D.M.Batchelor
Little Gulls in Kent Oliver, P.J.
The Murston Bearded Tit Colony Ball, T.G. & Smith, R.
Tom Randall : A Memoir Chapman, G.M.
Book Review – “Duck Wings – A study of Duck Production” by H.Boyd, J.G.Harrison & A. Allison Hollyer, J.N.
1973 – Volume 22. Editor: C.H.Hindle
The Cetti’s Warbler in Kent Hollyer, J.N.
Book Review – “The Sevenoaks Gravel Pit Reserve” by J.G.Harrison Hollyer, J.N.
Book Review – “Seventy Years of Birdwatching” by H.G.Alexander Palmer, M.J.
1972 – Volume 21. Editor: D.W.Taylor
The Management of Wading Bird Habitat at Sevenoaks Harrison, J.G.
The Shore Lark in Kent Hindle, C.H.
Book Review – “Wildfowl of the North Kent Marshes” by J.G.Harrison Gillham, E.H.


1971 – Volume 20. Editor: D.W.Taylor
The Purple Sandpiper in Kent Sutherland, M.P.
The Dartford Warbler in Kent Stone, R.C.
White-fronted Geese in North Kent Oliver, P.J.
Obituary – James Maurice Harrison Buck, W.F.A.
1970 – Volume 19. Editor: D.W.Taylor
Obituary – R.G.Williams Cawkell, H.A.R.
Tawny Eagle in Kent Harrison, J.M. & Scott, R.E.
The Development of the Bird Population of Bough Beech Reservoir 1969-71 Hodge, D.R.
The Black-tailed Godwit in Kent Wheeler, C.E.
1969 – Volume 18. Editor: D.W.Taylor
Some Historical Notes on Eagles in Kent Harrison, J.M.
Obituary – N.F.Ticehurst Harrison, J.M.
Autumn Seabird Movements in the Thames Estuary Davenport, D.L.
The Lapland Bunting in Kent Hollyer, J.N.
A Bibliography of Kentish Ornithology Scott, R.E. & Harrison, J.G.
1968 – Volume 17. Editor: Editorial Committee
Seabird Movements in the Thames Estuary on 3 rd November 1968 Wheeler, C.E.
The Status and Distribution of Waders and Teal in the Sutton Valence area Stone, R.C.
The day of the Red-backed Shrike Hollyer, J.N.
Obituary – William Speers Nevin Munns, G.F.A.
1967 – Volume 16. Editor: W.F.A.Buck
The Hawfinch in North Kent Norie, J.D.
Breeding of the Avocet in North Kent in 1958 Gillham, E.H.
The Birds of TQ 77 Cox, C.J. & Flegg, J.J.M.
Immigrant Mute Swans in Kent Harrison, J.G. & Buck, W.F.A.
Observations on a flock of Northern Long-tailed Tits in Kent Harrison, J.G., Buck, W.F.A. & Johnston, R
Obituary – Arthur Fletcher Buck, W.F.A.
Book Review – “Bristow and the Hastings Rarities Affair” by J.M.Harrison Gillham, E.H.
1966 – Volume 15. Editor: W.F.A.Buck
The Third Census of Birds Nesting on the Medway & Swale Islands Humphreys, J.N.
The Breeding Wildfowl of the North Kent Marshes 1961-64 Hudson, M.J.
Book Review – “A Wealth of Wildfowl” by J.G.Harrison Buck, W.F.A.
1965 – Volume 14. Editor: W.F.A.Buck
A Ten-Year Study of the Black-headed Gull Flegg, J.J.M., Musson, D.F. and Cox, C.J.
A Bibliography of Kentish Ornithology 1952-1965 Scott, R.E. & Harrison, J.G.
1964 – Volume 13. Editor: W.F.A.Buck
Some observations on the Wryneck Norie, J.D.
1963 – Volume 12. Editor: W.F.A.Buck
Tern Migration at Sevenoaks 1954-1963 Harrison, J.M. & Harrison J.G.
The Numbers of Selected Migrants at Dungeness in 1963 – A Reflection of the Severe Winter Scott, R.E.
1962 – Volume 11. Editor: W.F.A.Buck
Status of Waders in North Kent Musson, D.F.
The Winter Roosting & Movements of Waders in the Swale Hori, J.
1961 – Volume 10. Editor: J.Allen
Some Notes on Woodcock in the Breeding Season near Sevenoaks Greenfield, H.F.
The Second Census of Birds Nesting on the Medway & Swale Islands Humphreys, J.N.
1960 – Volume 9. Editor: J.Allen
Movements and Breeding of Tufted Ducks at Hall Place, Leigh 1957-60 Breed, W.G.
1959 – Volume 8. Editors: J.Allen & E.H.Gillham
Changing Status of Gulls in the Sevenoaks area Harrison, J.M. & Harrison, J.G.
1958 – Volume 7. Editor: E.H.Gillham
No articles
1957 – Volume 6. Editor: E.H.Gillham
Thomas Randall’s recollections of some Kentish Birds 1895-1912 Gillham, E.H.
Obituary – C.W.R. Knight Elphicke, M.
  1956 – Volume 5. Editor: E.H.Gillham
Obituary – Richard Beresford Burrowes Gillham, E.H.
Obituary – Geoffrey Warren Avery Gillham, E.H.
1955 – Volume 4. Editor: E.H.Gillham
Short-eared Owls & some other Birds of Prey on the North Kent Marshes 1.2.1955-6.6.1955 Gillham, E.H.
Notes on the numbers and movement of Woodpigeons to and from a Northward Hill roost 1955. Phillips, G.C.
1954 – Volume 3. Editor: E.H.Gillham
Short-eared Owls & some other Birds of Prey on the North Kent Marshes 1.1.1954-31.1.1955 Gillham, E.H.
1953 – Volume 2. Editor: E.H.Gillham
No articles.
1952 – Volume 1. Editor: E.H.Gillham
No articles.