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Submission guidelines:

Submitted images should be in jpeg or png format.
Please don’t send pdf files or images embedded in Word documents.
Files should be at least 1000 pixels on their longest dimension.
There is no maximum limit to uncompressed file or image size, though we suggest keeping the size of your message to below 10 MB (to ensure it gets through most email systems)
Photographs at their original high resolution, with no re-sizing are preferable.

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Uploaded images will be held for a short period before publication to ensure appropriate format and content.
In the event of any problems with your submission, we will contact you.
Only submit photographs to the gallery if you consent to the Terms of Use set out at the bottom of this page.

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Terms of use:
By submitting images to Kent Ornithological Society (KOS) Gallery, you agree to grant KOS a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to publish your images electronically on this website. (, and consent to the use of the photograph(s) in the Kent Bird Report for the relevant year.
By submitting images, you certify that they are your own original work, and that they are free from any copyright restrictions or property rights.
All other rights for images submitted to the KOS Gallery are retained by the photographer or copyright holder.
KOS will identify the photographer as the creator of the image.
There is no limit on the length of the term of the licence granted. It can be terminated by the photographer at any time using our contact form.