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Status of birds in Kent

Operation Turtle Dove -Nicole Khan

Hobby In Kent – Rob Clements 

Nightingales in Kent in 2012  – Andrew Henderson and Geoff Orton

Nightingales in Kent; Update- Andrew Henderson and Geoff Orton

Storm Petrels in Kentish Waters – Norman McCanch

Autumn ring-tailed harriers in Kent- Chris Hindle 

Black-winged Stilts at Cliffe 2014-17 Will Tofts

Rookeries in East and South Kent – John Websper

The Hawfinch in Kent – Rob Clements 

Firecrests in Kent – Rob Clements

Breeding Waders in north Kent- Alan Johnson

Turnstone monitoring in Thanet- Ian Hodgson

Little Egrets in Kent (2003) – Gordon Allison 

Water Rail Survey 2003 & 2005 – Michael Ellison 

Nightjars in Kent 1981-2004 – Murray Orchard 

Population estimate of Kestrels in Kent- Rob Clements

Population estimates of Sparrowhawk in Kent – Rob Clements

Marsh Harrier in Kent 2005 – P J Oliver

Buzzards in Kent (2007)- Rob Clements 

Storm Petrels in Kent 2006 – Dave Walker and Rob Clements

Hooded Crow in Kent and Lincolnshire – Andrew Henderson 

The Golden Eagle in Kent – Norman McCanch


New birds for Kent

Crag Martin. New for Kent – Nigel Jarman and Heather Chantler

Blackpoll Warbler. New for Kent – Andy Appleton 

White-tailed Plover. New for Kent – Dave Walker 

Acadian Flycatcher – Martin Casemore

Ross’s Gull – Dave Walker

Calandra Lark. New for Kent – Gary Howard and Steve Broyd

Chinese Pond Heron, new for Kent – Ian Roberts

Audouin’s Gull. New to Britain and Kent – Dave Walker 

Soft -plumage Petrel New for Kent – Tim and Carol Inskipp

Trumpeter Finch – Geoff Burton

Steppe Grey Shrike – J Mills 

Zitting Cisticola – Richard Heading

American Black Tern- Stephen Message

Pine Bunting- New for Kent – James Massey and Barry Wright



The Kirton Road Stonechat – Norman McCanch

Water and Rock Pipits  – Norman McCanch

Invasion of the Berry Breakers – Norman Mcanch

Is this a Quail I see before me – Norman McCanch 

Photo Essay, Marsh Warbler – Norman McCanch 

Twite identification – Norman McCanch

Polish Swans – Norman McCanch 

Aythya hybrids – Norman McCanch 


Birding in Kent

Kent Listing – Geoff Burton 

Kent listing – what next? – Nigel Jarman

Bockhill Birding – day by day – Brendan Ryan 

Stodmarsh- fifty years on – Norman McCanch 

Water treatment works: A haven for insectivorous birds in cold weather – Brendan Ryan

Encounters with Bean Geese – Norman McCanch

My patch- Haysden – Andy Appleton

Favourite Birds – Norman McCanch 

Five years of KOS field trips- Mike Roser

Impressions from 2017 KOS Conference- Barry Wright

Subspecies- a problem or challenging insight? – Norman McCanch 

Sea watching, Big day  – Barry Wright

Help a farmer to help farmland birds – Ray Morris 

Kent Listers Bulletin1 1997- Geoff Burton

Kent Listers Bulletin2 1999 – Geoff Burton 



Maurice Davenport  – Bill Harvey

Geoffrey Munns   –  Jim Flegg

Gordon Allison  – Alan Johnson

Jim Allen – Ian Castle 

George Shannon – Chris Cox 

Owen Sweeney – Murray Orchard 

Tony Holcombe – Norman McCanch

Dave Davenport- Chris Wheeler

Martin Woodcock – Chris Cox

Geoff Orton – Murray Orchard

Bob Scott Stephen Moss