Oare Marshes

0800-1100 ebb tide; 11 deg; cloud 8/8

A circuit of the E flood in very overcast conditions. A tight flock of c.400 Dunlin alighted near the ramp.The car-park Cetti`s called and Water Rails squealed.There were 94 Avocets and c 600 Lapwings at the mouth of the creek.c.700 Golden Plover were on Sheppey Banks and seals were hauling out on Horse Sands (17+and counting) A Sparrowhawk was in low level attack mode through reed-bed cover; 2 Jays and a Green Woodpecker were in Little Owl territory (but no Little Owl! ) A further 2 Cettis were widely separated.

A cock Stonechat had `everyday` plumage, and 12 Fieldfares, 2 Redwings, and 2 Song Thrushes disputed the berry larder in one small bush. Heavy rain ! But sheltering in the W hide gave compensation in the form of a hunting Fox, disturbing a Grey Heron and Mallards. The performance included` trampolining `as it stalked and caught unknown aquatics in the reed margins.The flood had significantly increased in area and depth, with little wader activity. Teal remain the prominent duck sp.—c. 280; with Shoveler; Mallard, 18 Pintail, and 6 Wigeon in support.
Mike Roser

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