Boughton Park

November 24

With high pressure dominating for a few days, it was dry on the 24th, with a strong north-easterly wind. Few passerines were again visible and even fewer called, apart from one Chaffinch and a number of Fieldfares. A little surprisingly, the only corvids were about five Jackdaws, the Canada Goose remained, with some 50 Mallard and a lone Cormorant did fly over.


The sky was cloudy for most of the visit on the 23rd, with just a very light easterly rising after two hours. The only note of interest was the continued presence of the Canada Goose on the lake and surprisingly not one finch was seen or heard.


Another two-and-a-quarter-hour visit on the 22nd was in a strong southwesterly, which brought rapid changes in cloud cover, when showers were interspersed with brief sunny breaks. Some 15 and 40 Mallard sheltered in the lea of the islands on the reservoir and lake respectively.  A Canada Goose was also present on the lake and on my return to the reservoir a Cormorant flew off NW, at least three LT Tits fed in the bank-side osiers and two Goldcrests were also feeding, in the car park hedge.


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