Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

24 -4-17

Second grey heron on nest with 3 large chicks (North Lake).


Redshank x 2, little-ringed plover x 7, reed warbler x 3 (all singing, heard from Slingsby Hide), shelduck x 2, great-crested grebe with 3 young on the West Lake and a pair on East Lake with 2 young, grey wagtail x 2 (male and female on the islands in front of Tyler Hide), lesser black-backed gull x 2, stock dove x 2 (Tyler Hide), garden warbler x 1.


Mediterranean gull  x 8 (over sheep field calling), sedge warbler x 1 (showing and singing in front of Slingsby hide).


Redshank x 2 (mating).


White wagtail x 1 (reported to have been seen from Tyler Hide).


Raven x 1, red kite x 1, redshank x 2, little-ringed plover x 7, willow warbler x 1, reed warbler x 3, sand martin x 50, house martin x 70, swallows x 10, mistle thrush x 1, Egyptian goose x 6 + 5 goslings, little egret x 1, North Lake: grey heron nests x 2 (1 with 2 young), mallard with 8 young and coot with 3 young.


Report of grasshopper warbler reeling in front of Slingsby Hide.

Lesser spotted woodpecker still drumming and calling in the areas surrounding the reserve over this period.