Oare Marshes

1330—-1500   With the prevailing cold NE wind, conditions were not ideal for lingering! There had been a significant arrival of Swifts in the locale, and Swallows, Sand Martins and House Martins were also hawking over the E flood in numbers. 24 drake Gadwall were amongst the waterfowl, an adult Great Black-backed Gull looked sadly about to expire; but Lesser Black- backs were in their menacing moods , and they were also prominent at Ham Pits, where Mediterranean Gulls were also on site. A Cuckoo moved swiftly through the W flood. Yellow Wagtails were around the feet of the E flood herd of cows, which appeared to be `marooned` on a SE corner island. A Grey Heron took time to KO a Marsh Frog of significant size—whether this was regular diet or an opportunistic feed was debatable—but the bulging neck suggested a `Gaviscon` antidote might be requred !
Mike R

Grey Heron