Oare Marshes

1445—1600  At last; 20 deg plus, with the mistral blowing hot air. Cuckoos were mobile and called from the W side scrub, with a very rufous female prominently in attendance. ( Is Swalecliffe`s bird still on-site? ) Cetti`s were vocal; a Spoonbill swept the E flood shallows; Little Egrets probed the margins and a Greenshank was ever present. 17 Knot kept the Black-tailed Godwits company, feverishly showering and preening ready for take-off, and twice spooked by the large raptor quartering the dykes. The cattle were idle, and it nearly made one think `Camargue`, especially as two Spotted Flycatchers were back in the near locale. A large fast flying dragonfly remained unidentified, so its still only damsels to date!
Mike R

Spoonbill—Oare E flood
Knot—part of the flock of seventeen