Oare Marshes

1500—1645  Warm; ebbing tide; light E breeze. Undoubted highlight (1545-1610) was an Osprey flying E along Swale below Harty skyline; spending some time hovering and plunging (not seen to take a fish) and gradually moving into the mouth of the Swale and finally lost in Whitstable Bay`s haze. 72 Common Ternsalighted in Horse Sand`s shallows—bathing and preening before continuing W in two flocks. TheBonaparte`s Gull was on the mud just W of the slipway. Ear spot is pronounced ; bill black and the gape line is noticably accentuated. Alongside Black-headed Gulls it appears more `round-headed` and distinctly smaller. Well, that`s my interpretation !! The Long-billed Dowitcher was better seen from the main hide, where it was feeding within a Lapwing flock towards the SE aspect. Twice, a fem Sparrowhawk flushed the wader flocks. Two Little Ringed Plovers were towards the NE corner and Ruffnumbers continue to slowly increase. Mike Roser

Bonaparte`s Gull, Long-billed Dowitcher with Lapwings / Mike Roser