Oare Marshes

1000-1130 A brief visit –enjoying with Murray W close views of Long-billed Dowitcher on the E flood . Not as well defined as Jonathan L`s Facebook pics of yesterday; nonetheless even point and shoot through the `scope, produces a recognisable image with the plumage characteristics pronounced. Prominent supercilium; barred flanks; and bold spotting on both vent and under-tail coverts.
Q. Do all waders respond in the same way; ie with the `nictitating membrane` of the eye and its constant use only when heads are submerged, or is it dependant upon light conditions either under or above water to give a better advantage in prey seeking and / or better protection of the eye`s cornea ?? One piccie appears to show the membrane; this was after head withdrawal from under water. Must say only recall a much used , well seen, prominent membrane on Dipper before—which reflects badly on what one actually takes in when eyeing an individual bird !! Not sure either, that the eyelid one sees with roosting birds is the `nictitating membrane ` HELP !
Mike Roser

Long-billed Dowitcher / Mike Roser