Oare Marshes

Black-Tailed-Godwit0900—1030  Difference a day makes, with a very cool strong NW breeze. Layers x 3 again! Three Buzzards were jousting and `mewing ` to the rear of W flood, and were joined by a Sparrowhawk. Cetti`s continued to provide excellent views; a Swallow passed through; 15 Pochard favoured ducks in number, just. Sedge Warblers continue to be the only mass arrival migrant, with one bird proving to be a significant mimic of the Bearded Tit which I couldn`t find. A very pale, diluted plumaged Black-tailed Godwit was prominently amongst the roosting flock—it also showed an extensive two-thirds pink bill colour. Orange Tip butterflies were in the locale in sheltered hedgerows. c 18 seals only around Horse Sands.  Mike R